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Frequently Asked Questions 


How do I book a shoot with Tokyo Rose?

click this button for step by step info for easy booking


Do I need to bring my own clothes?

We do have a large wardrobe in all sizes of vintage, and reproduction clothing , shoes, and accessories for pinup inspired shoots; and some corsets, boas, shoes, and pearls for modern boudoir. But we do ask that you bring a couple options to assure best fit, especially for boudoir since it is more intimate attire. Between what you bring and what we have , we will make it work. Depending on the type of shoot, we typically ask you to bring dresses, bra and panty sets, stockings, and heels if you have them at hand. A good tip : bring  different styles, and colors of under garments to fit under different style outfits for any shoot. Even if you're not sure if something will fit....bring it! 


Does the clothing I bring have to be vintage?

No. We can take alot of modern things and add a belt or accessories to make them look retro. A lot of styles that are "In" now have a retro flair to them and easily go well to fit the look. 


Where can I find clothing that will fit Pinup Style? 

We are big bargain shoppers here! So we usually recommend Amazon for lengerie and extremely reasonably priced vintage styled dresses. Even local department stores carry some retro inspired clothing or under garments. If ordering form Amazon Just be sure to  read the reviews to see sizing and shipment timing. 







What do I need to bring to my shoot?

Besides the clothing previously discussed...  anything else you may favor or want to include as a prop, etc. 


How should I arrive?

Please arrive with CLEAN, DRY  hair  (no product) and a clean face. If you usually use mosturizer, please use before you arrive.  Clean , Dry hair is very important so we can achieve any look you desire . 


Can I bring a friend or family member?

No. Please come alone. I know most are nervous and would like to bring a friend for support. We ask that only the gals or members of the family who are shooting come. Its very laid back and we do everything we can to help you feel comfortable. We prefer to keep our shoots private and relaxed for both you and us. 


Should i get a spray tan before my shoot?

We never recommend spray tans or accessive use of a tanning bed before your shoot unless its a weekly ritual and your body and skin is used to these processes.  


I'm very nervous, can i have a drink before I shoot?

 Please do not consume any alcoholic beverage before or during your shoot. Its very hard to get bodies and faces to direct and do the poses after drinks. We recomend to save it for after your shoot and have a night on the town sporting your glamorous look! 


How long does it take for a shoot?

Shoots usually take 2 hours for 1-3 looks. Parties and Calander shoots take anywhere from 3-5 hours.


How long does it take to get my final edits back and how will i receive them?

It takes up to 6-8 weeks to receive your final edits which will be uploaded to a private online dropbox gallery where they can be downloaded from there and printed or shared. If you need them sooner you can expedite them for a fee of $50 , to receive them in 2-4 business days. 


What are edits and can I get more?

Edits are the final fully retouched digital images you will receive in your downloadable, private, online gallery. The amount is specified on each package. More can be purchased during your shoot or after you receive your included edits. 


Where can I print my edits?

You can print your final edits wherever you like. At the time you receive your folder online, you will also receive the price list for prints we offer. But you are more than welcome to print them wherever you like. 

Can I have all of the un-edited photos?

 your entire shoot of unedited images can be purchased for $1,000. Please remember these are not to be shared or  edited by anybody except the Tokyo Rose Team. There is a contract signed at purchasing of unedited images. 



Do you shoot plus size woman?

Yes, absolutely! We thrive on making all shapes, sizes, and ages feel beautiful and look there best. 

Do you edit skin blemishes, etc?

Absolutely! Editing can be as much or as little as you like at no extra cost. 



Do I get to pick out my edits?

 On average 100 pictures per look are taken, so it takes some time to sit down and weed thru all of them. We pick out the ones that are most flatering and provide versatility in between faces and poses. We do offer an A La-carte item for a small fee ,where you can sit down after your shoot and choose the images you would like edited. please schedule this at time of scheduling your shoot. 


Do you photograph other photographers?

Yes , but we do have everyone who steps into the studio sign a non compete for within a certain mile radius . 

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